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Best Travel Apps To Make Your Trip Smooth

Best Travel Apps To Make Your Trip Smooth

Going on vacation is always a great time, and thanks to our phones, planning the perfect trip is easier than ever. Tech gurus create apps for nearly everything, from the best sights to see to which roads you should take to avoid traffic. We’ve created this list of the best travel apps to make your trip smooth as you prepare for your vacation in sunny California!

Google Travel

This app is a must-have as it allows you to schedule your trip and create an itinerary that you can access whenever needed on your phone or other device. Plus, Google Travel is accessible and only requires a Google account. You can view flight options on Google Travel and review how prices have increased and decreased lately.

Google Travel also allows you to research things to do, book hotels, and view vacation rentals. As you look at what you can do in your vacation spot, you can also begin planning your vacation. With other Google apps, such as Google Docs, you can make an online itinerary and collaborate with your travel companions on what you want to do.

Pro Tip

Navigating a new city is tricky, but Google also has helpful apps such as Google Maps, which can help you get around and find your destination.


If you take a plane to your destination, you may not have access to a car, and renting a vehicle is expensive. Rather than blow your trip budget on this, download a transportation app such as Uber. This way, you can schedule a driver as needed. Plus, you’ll pay them for the ride through the app, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash. Transportation apps like Uber are also great because you can review the driver’s rating to ensure you get the best one.


In the event you rent a vehicle, Waze is a must-have. This app will notify you about high-traffic areas, road conditions, and other areas to avoid. Waze also tells you about specific details, such as where rest stops and tourist attractions are. Knowing the location of the nearest stores, gas stations, and rest stops is crucial for a road trip.

Planning Your Ideal Trip

Installing the best travel apps helps make your trip smooth by simplifying the booking process, providing inspiration for the itinerary, and helping you get around. Book a private tour of Los Angeles with We Love LA as you prepare for your vacation in LA. We’ll take you to all the top attractions and Instagram-worthy spots. Contact us today to book your tour!


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