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Los Angeles Day Tour

See all the historic, famous & iconic sites in our city!




A full-day tour of Los Angeles with We Love LA tour is THE best way to see all the most historic and iconic sights in the city. Our full-day iconic sights of LA tour typically lasts 7-8 hours, and our itinerary covers the most popular sights in LA. 


If you’re only going to be visiting LA for a day or 2, our full-day tour will make sure that you see everything that is quintessential to LA. If you’re enjoying a longer stay in LA, then taking a full-day tour on your first day or two in town will help you get acquainted with the city and give you ideas for places you want to explore further during your trip. Many of our guests take our Los Angeles day tour and then go back to their favorite tour stops so they can spend more time on the beautiful beaches, do more shopping, or experience all LA has to offer. 


Convenience. Comfort. Flexibility.


The full-day private tours at We Love LA are first-class. Unlike the crowded, big bus tours, on one of our private tours you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, getting to pick up spots in time, or getting lost or left behind if you want to spend extra time at a stop along the tour. 


While we do work from an itinerary to make sure our guests get to fully experience the history and sights of LA, we can be flexible to your group’s individual preferences and style. If you want to stay longer at a stop along the tour, spending more time at the beaches and less shopping or more time at the Hollywood sign and less at the beaches, we can work with you to make sure you don’t feel rushed and get to spend the most time at the sights that mean the most to you. 


We will pick you up at your hotel or AirBNB (in one of our new, clean, fuel efficient vehicles) and take you back to where you’re staying at the end of the tour. Have dinner plans? Going somewhere else after your tour? We can drop you off where your evening in LA is set to begin! 


The private Los Angeles day tour experience with We Love LA Tour is like flying first-class. At the end of a tour, we want our guests to feel like they’ve truly experienced LA...and made a new friend along the way.

First-Class. Fun. Friendship.

The private tour experience with We Love LA Tour is like flying first-class. At the end of a tour, we want our guests to feel like they’ve truly experienced LA...and made a new friend along the way.

We Love LA - Full-Day Tour Itinerary


Our full day Los Angeles tour usually last anywhere between 7 and 8 hours, and include stops at the most popular and iconic sights LA has to offer. We’ll pick you up at your hotel or AirBNB, and then start your tour!  Factors such as weather, traffic, and where we pick you up will help determine the itinerary of the tour, but on a full-day tour with We Love LA, you can expect to experience all of these great LA sights included in the sample itinerary below!

The day will likely start at THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN.  We will take you to the closest and best location for pictures! (None of the big bus tours get you as close to the sign as we do!) This now iconic sight was originally built in 1923 as a real estate advertisement, and was only planned to stay nestled in the Hollywood hills for around 18 months. But after the rise of American cinema in the 1920s and 1930s, the sign became a West Coast phenomenon and remains one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in LA.


A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without a stop in HOLLYWOOD BLVD.  In this area you can enjoy THE WALK OF FAME. This landmark welcomes you with over 2600 stars embedded in the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd, which spans 15 city blocks. You will also see the TCL CHINESE THEATRE, THE DOLBY THEATRE and also lots of interesting Angelenos!.


Our next stop will be the ORIGINAL FARMERS MARKET, a great place to have lunch and perhaps do some shopping at one of the most popular shopping areas in our city. The Farmer’s Market isn’t just a refreshing lunch stop for Hollywood locals and tourists, it's also one of the food industry’s favorite locations. World renowned chef and TV star Alton Brown (Good Eats) and Gordon Ramsay (Hell's Kitchen) have both used the market several times for their shows. It’s also been the site of popular TV series like Entourage, which closed out it’s run with a segment at the market. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel also frequents the market for entertaining interviews and show segments involving customer interviews on-the-fly. 

You’ll also see THE GROVE. The Grove is the place where celebrities come to shop! It’s been an outdoor shopping mall since 2002, and it’s a great place to spot celebrities.


Next, a drive by one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the world, we will take you to the heart of BEVERLY HILLS. The Beverly Hills zip code (90210) is the most iconic in the world, and it’s also the most filmed city in history. It’s a city marked by wealth and prestige, where even the local post office offers valet parking and first responders are on the scene to assist residents in less than one minute. We will drive by the Four Season Hotel, formerly known as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (Pretty Woman was filmed here). A short drive north on RODEO DRIVE will take you to the home to the epicenter of luxury, fashion and lifestyle, where the rich and famous do their shopping.


Enjoy an ice cream, a churro, or just enjoy the amazing view from the SANTA MONICA PIER, the California coast and the end of the HISTORIC ROUTE 66 in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica pier was originally built in 1909 and in 1924 had the biggest ballroom in the world. The pier is also credited with causing the first traffic jam in LA. A number of movies and TV shows have filmed at the pier, so you’re bound to recognize it in glimpses you’ve seen on the big screen.


We will also take you to one of the most known beaches in the world, VENICE BEACH. Venice Beach has a famous BOARDWALK that spans 1.5 miles of the sandy coastline. You will also see MUSCLE BEACH (named for all the body builders, like Arnold Schwartenegger, who work out on the beach). The beach made Gold’s Gym popular in the 1980s and has been the site of many bodybuilding and muscle competitions over the years.  You may also recognize this beach from shows like Baywatch and Ray Donavan, which have filmed here. 


During your full-day tour with We Love LA, you’ll get to see all the beautiful and historic sights that LA is known for. But you’ll also get to hear personal stories and experiences from our amazing tour guides. Our guides are all local to LA, and love the city. They can share tidbits and fun facts along the tour that will give you the true feel of what life is like in Los Angeles. 

The Los Angeles Full-Day Tour takes between 7 to 8 hours.

(The itinerary's order may change based on your hotel location and weather conditions)

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    At We Love L.A.! we know planning a vacation takes time, a lot of research, and a smart budget 

    We offer you not only the

BEST TOUR in our city, but also the BEST PRICE in town.

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Convenience. Comfort. Flexibility.
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First-Class. Fun. Friendship.
Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills is

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our SErvice includes 

Pick up and drop off at your hotel. FREE of charge! 

    (There is an additional charge for areas out of Los Angeles, see our FAQ or contact us)

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Your prefered choice of soft drink (coke, sprite, diet).

Private vehicle & Your personal Tour Guide.

Additional ammenities.  

Prices PER


Groups of 1 to 6 Guests  $799


Groups of 7+ Guests (please contact us for pricing) 

All prices include taxes 

Awesome tour of L.A. with amazing service!  by Angela K.  (USA)

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