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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Private Tour of Los Angeles

Girl enjoying view behind Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles is a city rich with history and diverse cultures, made famous by elite movie stars and the lives they live against the beautiful backdrop of the Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles also offers gorgeous beaches, exciting tourist spots, famous movie star history and even, sightings of celebrities.

When you visit a city as beautiful and iconic as Los Angeles, it’s fun to take a tour to take in all the must-see sights and experience all the things that have created and continue to shape the city.

Tours of Los Angeles are popular, and there are a lot of options for seeing the sights atop double-decker busses or in large vans that trek around the city loaded with tourists. These types of LA tours are like flying coach though - crowded, uncomfortable, impersonal…

Los Angeles is a glamorous city and taking a private tour with We Love LA Tour provides you (along with your family and friends) that exclusive, first-class experience of seeing Los Angeles.

Here are the top 5 reasons to take a first-class private tour of Los Angeles with We Love LA Tour.

1.    Incredible, First-Class Tour Experience…From Start to Finish

A private tour of Los Angeles with We Love LA Tour is a first-class experience, from your first contact with our company to the end of your tour. We respond quickly when you request tour information, and you can look forward to a reply within 20 to 30 minutes of contacting us. We’ll work with you to set up a private full or half day tour for your group and talk about the sights you’d like to experience and how we can make your tour memorable and comfortable.

Big bus LA tours are cheaper, but you’re crammed in with a lot of other people and at the mercy of the tour’s schedule and dropoff/pickup points. In our private tour, we offer door-to-door service. We’ll pick you up at your hotel or AirBNB and then take you back after the private tour is finished. Or, at the completion of your tour, we can drop you off wherever you’re going next, such as dinner in Beverly Hills or a Dodgers game.  You don’t have to worry about parking, being at pickup points at certain times, being on a bus driving around picking up another 10 to 15 people at 5-6 different hotels, or missing out on time visiting your favorite sites with a private tour from We Love LA Tour.

A private tour is the efficient, convenient, and no-stress way to experience Los Angeles. Our guides know the streets and traffic, and can take you to all the stops on our tour without you ever having to fret about getting lost, navigating through Los Angeles traffic, finding parking, or dealing with crowded, uncomfortable busses.

2.    Amazingly Friendly, Knowledgeable (And Local) Tour Guides

A tour guide can make all the difference when you’re doing a tour, and our private guides are all LA locals who are passionate about showing others their city. At We Love LA Tour, you’ll have an energetic guide who is friendly and knowledgeable about Los Angeles. Our guides know the history of our iconic city, and share details and silly, interesting facts and stories in a way that’s fun and informative. We want you to learn about our great city, but we want you to have a great time with your family and friends on the tour as well.

Since our tour guides are all Los Angeles locals, they each have their own unique stories and experiences living in the city. When you take a private tour, you’ll see all the sights and historic highlights of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills but you’ll also hear the stories and learn tidbits of inside information that only someone who lives and breathes Los Angeles will know.

Our favorite thing to hear from groups who’ve taken our private tour of Los Angeles is, “I feel like I’ve made a new friend.”

3.    Flexibility and Customizations for Your Group

While our private tours of Los Angeles have an itinerary, we follow to show you all the most popular and historic sites in the city, we can also be flexible to accommodate the needs and interests of your group.

Your guide will listen to your group, and make sure you get to spend time at the sights that mean the most to you. We are flexible with our stops, and our tour guides can show you the hidden gems of Los Angeles that are most meaningful to your group. If you want to spend more time at the beach and less on Hollywood Boulevard, or more time on in Beverly Hills or on the Hollywood Walk of Fame taking selfies with the Hollywood Sign, we can adjust the tour to your preferences.

We won’t rush you away from a stop where you’re enjoying yourself or leave you behind if you want to spend more time exploring and experiencing a sight.

4.    Privacy, Comfort, and Convenience

On our private LA tours, your comfort and enjoyment of the tour are our top priorities. We’ll start by picking you up at your hotel or AirBNB in one of our clean, unmarked, fuel-efficient Honda Odysseys. Our vehicles are all new and provide easy access and a comfortable, smooth ride. We offer water and a variety of soft drinks for you to enjoy during the tour, along with a collection of local Los Angeles magazines you can read during drive time and even take with you to enjoy later and find more ideas of things to experience while you’re in Los Angeles.

Our tour vehicles are always clean and comfortable. If you’re doing a tour of LA in the hot summer months in Los Angeles, we have AC to keep you cool and comfortable during the tour. If you’re doing a tour with us during a colder winter day, we’ll make sure you’re warm.  Why catch a cold, or get a sunburn on an open air bus and ruin the rest of your trip.

We offer every brand and kind of phone charger in our vehicles so you can power up your devices and be sure not to miss any amazing Beverly Hills/Hollywood photo ops or Insta-moments along the tour. We also provide sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for you in each vehicle so you can feel clean and comfortable between tour stops.

5.    A True Experience of LA’s Hidden Gems and Subtleties That Make the City Iconic

During private tours with We Love LA Tour, you’ll get to experience some of the most famous and historic locations in Los Angeles, all in first-class comfort. We offer a true experience of LA’s hidden gems and share stories and experiences that showcase all those subtleties and personal experiences that truly shape life in Los Angeles. You’ll see Los Angeles through the heart of a local on our private tours.

One of the most famous and beloved tourist attractions in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Sign, nestled into the Hollywood Hills. On our tour, we can take you closer to the Hollywood sign than any other tour in the city, especially big tour busses. In fact, we can get you as close as possible to this attraction without having to hike. You can take the perfect Hollywood sign selfie, and our guides will be sure to get photos with everyone in your group in the shot as well. Our private tour Los Angeles also stops at the beautiful Venice Canals, which isn’t included in a lot of the big bus tours.

A private tour of LA gives you flexibility to spend more time at places that are meaningful to your group. We’ll teach you about life in Los Angeles, including history and personal stories from our guides that will give you a true flavor of Los Angeles from an inside perspective.

Our guides know about hidden gems along the tour route as well and can show you special places you’d only be able to experience when you’re with a local who loves their city. Some of the special secret places we’ve taken guests include the cemetery where Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Heffner are buried, the hotel from Pretty Woman, and more.

Los Angeles is like its own state, and as you move through the city, you can experience many different cultures. During our private tours, we’ll also highlight the beautiful intersection of cultures, restaurants, and more that happens as you travel through LA and Beverly Hills in a private tour from, We Love LA Tour.

Excited to experience Los Angeles in first-class comfort and style with a private tour from the premier tour provider?

Contact us today to set up your full day or half day private tour of LA!


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