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5 Tips Every First-Time Los Angeles Visitor Needs To Know

5 Tips Every First-Time Los Angeles Visitor Needs To Know

Are you planning your first trip to Los Angeles? This city is a wonderful place packed with so much to do, but it can also be daunting for first-time visitors. To help make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we've listed the top tips every first-time Los Angeles visitor needs to know.

Outside Temperatures Fluctuate

While we often think of LA as a hot and sunny paradise, the truth is that it can get a bit chilly at night. When packing your bags, load a light jacket and pair of pants into your suitcase to ensure you always feel comfortable.

The time of year you travel also impacts temperatures quite a bit. In the winter months, you may experience lows around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the summertime can see temperatures soaring to a blistering 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a Tour

Another tip first-time Los Angeles visitors need to know is that taking a private tour is the best way to see the city. Los Angeles is a large city, and parking can be difficult to find and expensive. Even though renting a vehicle is better than relying on public transit, it is always better to let the experts show you the city. After that, you can venture on your own having some knowledge about the different areas in the city. By taking a private tour, you'll have more freedom to explore the city's many attractions, iconic landmarks, and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

There's a Lot To Do

Los Angeles is a destination that has something for everyone, making it the perfect vacation destination for first-time visitors. The iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,700 stars dedicated to the biggest names in entertainment. From there, head to the eclectic Venice Beach Boardwalk, home to street performers, food vendors, and shops.

Additionally, Griffith Park is a great spot for a day of hiking or horseback riding. You could also check out Universal Studios Hollywood and immerse yourself in the world of your favorite movies and TV shows.

The City's Huge

There's a reason there's a lot to do in LA—the city is massive! To get a real immersive experience, book a private excursion in the early days of your trip. Companies like We Love LA offer all sorts of tours, including an Instagram experience LA tour where you can get photos of all the best sites. Have an expert help you navigate The City of Angels!

There's Amazing Food

For first-time visitors to Los Angeles, one thing is sure: you don't want to miss the food scene. There is a wealth of cuisine to explore from various cultures. You can also enjoy some fresh seafood in Santa Monica. End each night right with some gourmet ice cream, French pastries, or Thai rolled ice cream.

Plan Your Perfect Trip

Strive to plan a mix of activities to see various aspects of LA. For example, if you plan to spend a week in the city, spend one day in Hollywood, dedicate some time to the beach, and use your remaining days to explore the vast city. Plan your private tour of the city with We Love LA—a friendly guide who will take you to all the top places.


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