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Simone has made Los Angeles her home for the past 27 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else!  Her favorite part of being a guide for We Love LA Tour is meeting interesting people from all over the world. Her favorite part of LA is that it contains different pockets and neighborhoods that each have their own uniqueness and charm. Her favorite movies are The Wedding Singer and Mr. Doubtfire, and  Simone loves Italian, Indian and Japanese food. In her free time she enjoys going to the beautiful Malibu Beach and also exploring all the new eateries in town. She loves spending time with her 2 amazing teenagers and exploring Los Angeles with them.



Jeff has made Los Angeles his home for more than 15 years now, and is in love with the City of Angels! His favorite part of being a guide is showing “new friends” his town. Jeff views each tour as an opportunity to make new friends and easily makes a connection with all his guests. His favorite thing about Los Angeles is its diversity and also the fact that there is always something to do. “Never a dull moment” are his words to describe LA. Jeff’s favorite movie is Beverly Hills Cop, and his favorite food is anything Italian. In his free time, Jeff is passionate about cooking and finding that next recipe that will make your mouth water.



Darnell has lived in Los Angeles for more than 30 years, and has been a guide for many years now. His most interesting work was as a chauffeur driver in Los Angeles, and he’s driven around with many unique celebrities. His favorite thing about Los Angeles is its wonderful diversity and the energy in the air where everyone knows they have a chance to change their lives in this magical city. Darnell loves any and all food but nothing is better to him than cooking at home. His favorite thing about being a guide is seeing the joy he can bring to visitors from all over the world when he shows them the iconic sights of our city. In his free time, you will find Darnell working on his music or singing at the Santa Monica Pier, as music is his biggest passion in life. He is a talented and unique individual all around!



Stacey came to Los Angeles years ago to pursue the entertainment industry, and like many, fell in love with the city. Stacey’s favorite part of being a guide is the variety of people from around the world that she gets to meet. She makes it a point to learn from everyone she tours with, and that’s one of the many reasons families fall in love with her.  Her favorite movie is The Godfather and her favorite food is Japanese. Her favorite part of the city is the mountains that overlook LA.. In her free time you can find Stacey hiking Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park or out on one of the many other amazing hiking trails in Los Angeles.



Carlos has spent the majority of his adult life living in Los Angeles and loves all things LA. He loves the LA Lakers, the LA Dodgers, the LA Galaxy, LA water, LA air, LA get the idea! His favorite part of being a guide is the people he meets. There is not a  more “people person” you will meet than Carlos. He loves starting the tour as a stranger to his guests and ending the day with hugs and new friends. His favorite food is Mexican, and his favorite movie is Rocky. During his free time you can either catch him watching a sporting event, dancing salsa, or running the streets of LA, as marathon running is his biggest passion. Run Carlos Run!